Document Storage and Distribution Software

In the not-so-distant past, storing or sharing documents required a great deal of coordination and a lot of paper. To keep up with the document work the filing clerks, couriers and fax machines were regularly employed. When you consider the number of trees that had to be cut down for all that paper the environmental impact was immense.

Document storage and distribution software adds efficiency and productivity to the workplace, eliminating most of the manual tasks involved with storing and distributing files and documents. It centralizes the documents, making it easy for users to access and locate the most current version. This reduces time spent in the workplace and helps businesses to meet the standards of compliance with regulatory requirements.

The best document management software features a wide range of advanced tools to enhance collaboration and speed up workflows. Find secure storage for files offline access, automatic sync of documents once you are back online and team folders with an extensive set of permissions that can be controlled by different stakeholder groups. Look for a powerful search engine that can provide relevant results quickly.

Some of the leading document management solutions include FileHold, DocuWare, and Q-Pulse. These services offer cloud or on-premise installation options, and offer a wide set of features that streamlines document storage and distribution. For instance, FileHold offers a secure and encrypted centralized repository that comes with strong search capabilities as well as document workflows for reviews and approvals. It also provides an online client portal that is white-labeled, automated document routing, and superior control of versions to ensure that your team members and clients have access to the most current versions of your files.

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